What do invitees see when I invite them to a meeting?

Before Zoom.ai, most meetings required the meeting creator to email back and forth with the invitee to find a mutual time, or to simply book a time and hope for the best. Zoom.ai is purposely built to add more automation and intelligence to the meeting scheduling process. Here's what happens when you invite your invitees to a meeting:

Email Invite

Once you finish a meeting scheduling request (in the platform of your choice - chat, email or web) your invitees automatically receive an email from your automated assistant. (You meanwhile can sit back and enjoy a coffee, or get back to other tasks while Zoom.ai books the meeting for you!). 

Meeting Details

The meeting invite email includes a link "Respond to Meeting Request". When clicked it takes the user to the meeting acceptance interface (pictured below).

  • Invitees can easily see all the important meeting details: meeting type, duration, other attendees, agenda (if added) and timezones (yours and your attendees). 

Selecting a Time

From the acceptance interface invitees can easily select a date and time based on the meeting creator's availability.

For group meetings, invitees are able to see what times others have already selected and are prompted to select multiple times to give the group the best chance of meeting at a times that works for all. 

  • Invitees can also upload their calendar so they can easily see conflicts between your schedule and theirs.

For 1:1 Meetings: Once the invitee selects a time and clicks "confirm" the meeting is booked and a calendar invite is sent to both the meeting creator and the invitee with all the details. 

For Group Meetings: Once the invitee selects a time (or ideally multiple times) and clicks "confirm" the meeting vote is recorded. Zoom.ai's intelligent scheduling algorithm ensures the meeting is booked when enough invitees have selected a time, and at a time that works best for all invitees (this is part of the scheduling AI that makes Zoom.ai so smart!). Once booked, a calendar invite is automatically created and sent to all meeting invitees. 

Notifications and Updates

  • To ensure a meeting is not waiting on a invitees vote, Zoom.ai automatically sends email notifications reminding your invitees are able to choose a time (so you don't have to!).
  • Meeting Creators can see all their pending and complete scheduling requests, including invitees who haven't yet chosen times from the Active Tasks page.

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