What does my meeting recipient see when Zoom.ai emails them for a meeting with me?

Once you finish a request in chat, your attendees receive an email from your automated assistant with a link to the meeting acceptance interface:

Your attendees can see all the details on the left: meeting type, organization, duration, attendees and timezones (yours and your attendees). They can also suggest a new meeting location if they want to:


They can select a date and time on the right - for group meetings, invitees are able to see what times others have already selected. Your invitees can also upload their calendar so they can see conflicts:

Once they do, the meeting is set and a calendar invite is created:

Please note that we send daily email notifications until your invitees are able to choose a time.

You can see pending and complete requests and invitees who haven't yet chosen times  here.

Here's a video about it: