How do I add to Microsoft Teams? is the #1 endorsed A.I. integration for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business.

To add to MS Team visit the Getting Started page and simply click "install" to quickly start the App installation process. You can also go directly here to launch the installer and follow the instructions.

Alternatively to install directly from inside MS Teams simply locate via the Teams Apps directory (found at the bottom left corner of the Teams screen). Once in the App Store directory, you'll be able to search for Once you locate the app click on the card and then you will see the related app information and an "install" button. Click Card > Click Install button.

Once installed your Meeting Assistant will be available under the "..." menu. Click on Meeting Assistant and say hi to your new assistant :)

Installed and ready to get started? Learn more about what your Meeting Assistant can do


  • MSTeams owners can restrict who can add apps to a team. Contact your IT Admin if you suspect they have disabled your ability to add Apps to your organization's MS Teams. 

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