Using with Microsoft Teams is the best A.I. meeting assistant for Microsoft Teams! 
Integrate with MS Teams to access your assistant using natural language. Chat with your very own AI-powered meeting assistant. Schedule meetings, simplify meeting prep and get more done fast without leaving Microsoft Teams. For example you can quickly schedule meetings right from MS Teams by asking "Book a meeting with Tom next week".

Quick overview for adding to MS Teams (or scroll down for more details / screenshots)

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What are the tabs on MS Teams?

With for MS Teams you can:

✓ Automate meeting scheduling without the back-and-forth (1:1 & group meetings)

✓ Instantly schedule internal team meetings

✓ Automatically book meeting rooms

✓ Learn more about your meeting attendees with people insights

✓ Always be prepared with automated meeting briefings

✓ Quickly access information & sync meeting details with your ATS or CRM

✓ Easily find information & generate documents

Connect 60+ integrations like Hubspot, Greenhouse and more 

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Setting up on MSTeams

To add to MS Team visit the Getting Started page and simply click "install" to quickly start the App installation process. You can also go directly here to launch the installer and follow the instructions.

Alternatively to install directly from inside MS Teams simply locate via the Teams Apps directory (found at the bottom left corner of the Teams screen). Once in the App Store directory, you'll be able to search for Once you locate the app click on the card and then you will see the related app information and an "install" button. Click Card > Click Install button.

Once installed your Meeting Assistant will be available under the "..." menu. Click on Meeting Assistant and say hi to your new assistant :)

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  • MSTeams owners can restrict who can add apps to a team. Contact your IT Admin if you suspect they have disabled your ability to add Apps to your organization's MS Teams. 

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What are the tabs on MS Teams?

Microsoft users can access key settings inside Microsoft Teams by clicking on the integrated Teams tabs. Users may be prompted to first sign into with their linked Microsoft account. 

These tabs provide a view of the web app so that users can more quickly access key preferences inside MSTeams - specifically  DashboardSettingsTasks and Skills Help. For full functionality we recommend opening in your browser. 

Please note that due to integration limitations these MS Teams tabs (DashboardSettingsTasks and Skills Help) are only accessible to users who login with Microsoft. If you cannot access these tabs (e.g. you use with Google) don't worry! You can continue to use the Assistant via chat in MSTeams (to make meeting requests in natural language), and simply access the additional functionality in any web browser using the full Web App (

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