Can I add multiple Calendars? supports adding multiple calendars! This is really useful for automatically syncing your availability with multiple calendars - such as your work and personal calendar. 

To add a new Calendar go to:
Next click "Add" button associated with the calendar provider you want to add (e.g. Google, Microsoft) and follow the instructions to authorize access. 

Important Tips:

  • You can add multiple calendars associated with the same provider, you will just need to add each one separately by following the instructions above. For example if you have two Google work calendars, one for you and one shared by your sales team - each one will be added separately and upon addition will appear in your Account list when you are done. 
  • Since each attached calendar may have multiple calendars associated with it, when adding you can set the correct one by clicking on the blue "Calendars" button (from the Account list ) and ensuring the radio button is set to that calendar. This will also appear in the Account list under "Account Name".

Setting a Default Calendar:

  • Only one single calendar at a time (the one set as "Default" in your Account list) will be used for scheduling your meetings. Other (non default) connected calendars will be used to check your availability only!
  • When setting your default calendar ensure you select a calendar that you have both read and write permissions for - or scheduling will fail. (You may need to contact your organizations calendar Google Cloud or Microsoft administrator for assistance - as these permissions live outside of
  • You can set your default calendar (the one used to book the meetings on) from your Account list - click the "Default" button and then the calendar icon will turn red to indicate that it is your default calendar. You can also set your default from your Meeting Scheduling > General Settings page

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