What are the tasks that Zoom.ai can handle?

Your Zoom.ai assistant can handle many tasks, some of which include:

  • Schedule Meetings - have meeting scheduled, postposed, canceled effortlessly
  • Meeting and Morning Briefings - have helpful information sent to you when you need it
  • Warm Introductions - find the right person for an introduction to someone you want to meet
  • Enterprise Search - find anything across your integrated applications. Requires additional integration
  • Knowledge Base - custom freeform additions into your organizations frequently asked questions
  • Transcribe Call - dials you into a call, records and transcribes the meeting
  • Document Generator - generate and send completed documents from templates
  • Reminders - ask for reminders that get added into your calendar

If you ever forget or get lost, ask for “Help” from your assistant on any messenger and it will respond with the supported tasks. Still have questions? Chat with a human: zoom.ai/go/support.