What are the tasks that Zoom.ai can handle?

Your Zoom.ai assistant can handle many tasks, some of which include:

  • Schedule Meetings - have meeting scheduled, postposed, canceled effortlessly
  • Meeting and Morning Briefings - have helpful information sent to you when you need it
  • Warm Introductions - find the right person for an introduction to someone you want to meet
  • Enterprise Search - find anything across your integrated applications. Requires additional integration
  • Knowledge Base - custom freeform additions into your organizations frequently asked questions
  • Document Generator - generate and send completed documents from templates
  • Reminders - ask for reminders that get added into your calendar

You can view all the supported tasks by clicking here: https://app.zoom.ai/skills/list.

Alternatively, you can ask your assistant at any time for "help" and it will show you examples of some of the supported tasks that it can handle for you.