Add Branding / Logo to the invitee experience

Pro and Team plan users can customize the invitee experience with their own logo. When a custom logo is added it will replace the logo on the:

Add a Logo (Individuals)

Individual Pro and Team plan users can now easily upload a custom logo from the new 'Branding & Display' page.

To add a logo:

  1. Go to My Account > My Profile > Branding & Display
  2. Under "Custom Logo" select "Display Custom Logo" 
  3. Click "Upload Logo"
  4. Select your logo (JPG or PNG) and upload
  5. On confirmation your logo will be added to your invitee experience

Add a Logo for all Members (Team Admins) 

Only Team plan administrators can add and enable the display of a custom logo for their entire organization. Once added individual users cannot override the logo added by an Admin.

We're working on updating this experience so Team Admins can easily upload a logo! Stay Tuned.

To get started - follow the instructions below:

  1. Add a URL for your logo from the Admin Org settings page (To get here click click 'Settings' under the left hand Admin Menu). We recommend your logo is optimized for height: 50px; width: auto.
  2. Click the "Show your organization logo on the meeting time selection page" on this page: Corporate Wide Meeting Settings (To get here click the left hand Admin Menu: Select "Applications" > and click the 'Configure' button next to Meetings)
  3. Don't forget to click Save after each step!

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Note: On all Team plans automatically hides the " Want your own smart meeting scheduler?" marketing tagline in the footer. 

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