Invite others to share their calendar availability (My Collaborators)

Collaborators are users not on the same Team plan that have shared calendar availability. The Collaborators role makes it easy to invite external contacts to securely share their calendar availability with any user. By adding a Collaborator, you'll be able to automatically and securely schedule meetings on their behalf using their real-time availability. Best of all Collaborators don't require a paid account so can use for free!

Once you add a Collaborator, you can include that Collaborators availability in any of's powerful Shared Availability options - including on-behalf, round-robin and collective availability. This makes it easy for users to more effectively schedule meetings on-behalf of others, or to include the collaborators availability along with others. 

For example recruiters can invite any hiring managers to become a Collaborator and quickly and easily schedule candidate interviews on their behalf using the hiring managers real-time availability. Scheduling on-behalf of clients or internal colleagues has never been easier!

Sign up as a (free) Collaborator to easily share your calendar availability with another user. 

If I Collaborate can people see my Calendar details? What does it mean to share availability? 

Once a user adds a Collaborator then will be able to access the Collaborators calendar so that meetings can be easily scheduled based on their real-time  availability. It's important to note that the meeting creator and invitees never have access to the event details on the Collaborators' calendar. Therefore the Collaborators existing meeting details and invitees always stay private. simply presents availability based on free vs busy. This ensures that the Collaborators calendar details always stays private.

Collaborators can also revoke permissions at anytime. For example you could share your availability with an external recruiter while they are actively booking interviews on your behalf, and then revoke sharing once the positions have been filled. 

How to invite a Collaborator users can easily invite anyone to become a collaborator from My Profile > My Collaborators

Simply copy your unique invite link and share it with whomever you want to add as a Collaborator. The Collaborator simply clicks on the and is invited to create a free account.

Once a Collaborator has successfully been added you will be notified by email, and the Collaborator will appear in your Collaborators list. You will also appear in their list, so they know whose account they are connected to.

Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 4.12.38 PM.png

Managing Collaborators

Collaborators can be removed at anytime - both by the user who invited the Collaborator and by the Collaborator themself. To remove the connection simply click on the X delete icon.

Please note that removing a Collaborator can impact the shared availability of any active meeting requests.  If a Collaborator deletes their account then this will also automatically delete the Collaborator connection. 

 "You are Sharing" will appear if you are sharing your calendar availability with another user

"Sharing with you" will appear if another user is sharing their calendar availability with you. 

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