How do I import Calendly event types?

To import an existing Calendly event type, you will first need to provide your Calendly API key.  

1. Log in to your Calendly account at

2. Go to the Integrations page at

3. Copy your API key

Now go to the web application at to create a new meeting type.

  1. Click on "Import Calendly Event Type".
  2. Enter the API key
  3. Select which Calendly event type you wish to import 

The settings for that event type will be imported into a new meeting type.  Here are the Calendly settings we import:

  • Name
    • A version of your event name is used to name your custom meeting type. We may simplify the name to a single word, and ensure it is unique. 
  • Description 
  • Scheduling Link Code 
  • Duration
    • The event duration will be set as the default duration (e.g. how long will this meeting last? e.g. 1hr)

Once imported you can edit as needed, customize the additional settings offers and save!

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