Support Tickets

Learn more about the + ServiceNow integration in our blog post here:

Easily integrate with help desk and ticketing service providers to list, create or close new tickets directly from your chat interface by using the Assistant.

Listing Your Open Tickets:

<strong>list my tickets [about "printer problem"]<br>view tickets [about "new laptop"]</strong>

If you want to find your tickets about a specific topic include the "about XYZ" part.  If you don't specify a topic, then all of your tickets will be displayed.  You cannot view tickets of other users.

Viewing the Status of Your Ticket:

<strong>show ticket INC0010082<br>show my ticket<br>tell me the status of INC0010082 ticket<br>what is the status of ticket INC0010082</strong>

Asking for the "status" of a ticket returns just that information instead of the full ticket information.

Create a New Support Ticket:

<strong>create ticket [about "printer problem"]<br>add ticket [about "cannot connect to the VPN"]<br>new incident [about "need a new laptop"]</strong>

You can include the topic of the ticket, or leave it out and have then supply it when asked.  Once submits the new ticket it will return a link to it plus its ID, which you can then use to track that ticket.

Close an Existing Ticket:

close ticket INC0010093<br>cancel ticket INC0010092<br>delete ticket INC0010092<br>stop INC0010092 ticket<br>


Enable ticketing:

To enable this feature, you must have administrator access to the ticketing platforms and be a corporate admin on your account.  Go to, select "Tickets", then select your support platform.  Currently ZenDesk and ServiceNow are supported.

Then enable the Ticketing skill to be used by your users.  Go to and click "Enable".

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