How do I manage my Active Tasks?

Your Active Tasks page  ( displays your active Meeting requests and Reminders details.


 Active Tasks is most useful for providing an overview of your pending meetings. It includes information such as meeting creation date, duration, location and status details such as which invitees have responded and which have not.   

To resend Meeting Invite Reminders to invitees who have not yet responded click "Remind". Learn more about meeting invite notifications sent to invitees.

To cancel an active (pending) meeting click the 'Cancel' button. This will notify all meeting attendees that the meeting has been cancelled. 

Once your meeting has been booked it will be moved to "Completed Tasks" here:


Active reminders (single and recurring) will also appear on your Active Tasks page. You can also easily cancel your active (pending) reminders by clicking the 'Cancel' button. The reminder will no longer occur after you do this. To create a reminder ask your assistant to "Remind me to x" and specify the time. For example "Remind me to send contract to Emily Jones on Tuesday at 9am". Learn more about reminders.

To cancel an active (pending or recurring) reminder click the 'Cancel' button. This will delete the reminder and you will no longer be notified.

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