How do I add a Custom Meeting Type?

While includes a number of pre-configured meeting types out of the box, users in Professional and Corporate plans can also now easily add their own Custom Meeting Types! This makes it easy to customize a meeting type; for each custom meeting use case. 

Custom meeting types are also a great way to create customized Personal Scheduling links. (Your Personal Scheduling link is a public URL that you can share with anyone to easily book a meeting with you).

Adding a Custom Type

To start adding new custom meeting type go to and select the 'Meeting Types' tab.

Select "Add New" and give your meeting type a label. Choose this label carefully as this name will be used to request the meeting type and will be visible to your meeting invitees (appearing on the meeting selection page and the personal scheduling link form page).

Once you have entered a custom label and clicked "Add you will be able to customize the following:

In this example - a Recruiter has created a custom meeting type called "Interview". 

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