How does Room Booking work?

Finding a space to meet in a busy office can be a real hassle.’s Room Booking feature quickly integrates with MS Rooms, Google, or Robin to allow users to quickly and efficiently book a meeting room based on capacity.

Please note that this feature is in Beta mode and only available for Corporate Plan users. Before users can request a room a Corporate Admin must add a supported room provider. Learn how to add a room provider here.

How to Request a Room

During meeting creation, you can simply ask to include a meeting room when creating the meeting. How to ask: Say with or add a room and the room capacity you need  - e.g. “ with a room for 6

For example: “ Book a meeting next week with Roy, Anita and Paul. Add a room for 3

Please note that there are some limitations: 

  • Capacity currently only handles 'digits' e.g. “5”. You can't type “five” for now. 
  • You can't request to book a particular room - e.g. “Book the Executive Boardroom”.

Calendar View

Once a meeting room is successfully booked it will appear on all attendees calendar. The exact display is dependent on the 3rd party room/calendar provider.

For Outlook: the room appears after Location: Location, Room

For Google: the room appears under resource (building icon)

For Robin: the room appears under Location

How rooms appear in Google

How rooms appear in Robin

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