How does Room Booking work?

Finding a space to meet in a busy office can be a real hassle.’s Room Booking feature quickly integrates with MS Rooms, Google, or Robin to allow users to quickly and efficiently book a meeting room based on capacity.

During meeting creation, you can simply ask to include a meeting room when creating the meeting. How to ask: Say with or add a room and the room capacity you need  - e.g. “ with a room for 6

For example: “ Book a meeting next week with Roy, Anita and Paul. Add a room for 3

Calendar View

Once a meeting room is successfully booked it will appear on all attendees calendar. The exact display is dependent on the 3rd party room/calendar provider.

For Outlook: the room appears after Location: Location, Room

For Google: the room appears under resource (building icon)

For Robin: the room appears under Location

How rooms appear in Google

How rooms appear in Robin

Please note that this feature is in beta mode and only available for Corporate Plan users.