How to customize General Meeting Settings

You can customize your general meeting settings by going to:

Here's a handy overview of each setting:

  • Default Calendar: allows you to easily add multiple calendars. For users with multiple calendars, you can select your default here.
  • Time Zone: Your assistant will learn your time zone, but you can manually change this here.
  • Daily Briefing: Turn it off, or select a time when you want to be briefed every day.  Learn More
  • Meeting Briefing: Turn it on or off here to allow for meeting briefings an hour before your meetings.
  • Overlapped Meetings: Turn it on or off here. When turned on, your assistant will notify you when you have a conflicting meeting in that time slot.
  • Email CC: Ask your assistant to CC you on meeting invites. Learn More
  • Travel Buffer Time: Enable this to allow your assistant to factor in travel time for external meetings. Learn More
  • Meeting Types: includes a number of pre-configured meeting types out of the box; such as coffeecall, or lunch. Your assistant can learn your habits over time, or you can pre-configure your meeting settings if you know your needs: Learn More about Meeting Types
  • Tip! To update your settings in the future you can always ask your assistant (in-chat) for a shortcut by saying "Settings"

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