How to Personalize my Meeting Preferences

You can personalize your meeting preferences by going to your meeting preferences page

Within the dashboard, you can personalize:

  1. Default Calendar: for users with multiple calendars, you can select the one you want as your default here.
  2. Time Zone: Your assistant will learn your time zone, but you can manually change this here.
  3. Daily Briefing: Turn it off, or select a time when you want to be briefed every day.
  4. Meeting Briefing: Turn it on or off here to allow for meeting briefings an hour before your meetings.
  5. I already know people from these companies: You can add the domains of companies you work with regularly to stop from prompting you to learn more about these contacts.
  6. Overlapped Meetings: Turn it on or off here. When turned on, your assistant will notify you when you have a conflicting meeting in that time slot.
  7. Travel Buffer Time: Enable this to allow your assistant to factor in travel time for external meetings.
  8. Email CC: Ask your assistant to CC you on meeting invites.
  9. Meeting Defaults: Your assistant will learn when and where you like to have different types of meetings, but you can always tell it otherwise when you ask for a meeting.