How do you install and set up Room Booking?

When scheduling a meeting a user simply tells their assistant how many people they need a room for - and will automatically suggest an available room that meets their needs.

Room Providers we support

  • Google Rooms
  • MS Office 365 Rooms
  • Robyn 

Set up (Admin Only)

  • The Rooms feature can be enabled by an Admin by adding a Room provider.
    • Once a provider is added this feature becomes available to all org users
  • Admins can set up their Room Provider from Admin > Accounts > Add
  • Only Admins can add Room providers for their organization. This option is NOT available for individual users.

Once a provider is added it will appear in the Account list. This will include reference to the room provider, the # of rooms found, and the import status. 

Configuration Options - MS Office 365 (Admin Only)

Important: Microsoft Office 365 Rooms require additional configuration by the administrator. The API only returns the name of the Rooms, therefore Admins must manually add capacity in order for the feature to function.
This can be done from a UI interface found here: Meetings > Configure:

  • Microsoft API doesn’t return capacity - must be added manually 
  • Microsoft API doesn’t return Location / Buildings - must be added manually

Favourite Rooms

The  favourite  room setting allows you to specify your preferred rooms (from the list of all rooms) so that can offer rooms more applicable to your personal preferences. You can order your  favourites  by clicking the up/down arrows - with  favourites  at  top  being selected over those below.

  • You can specify you favourite rooms - from the list of all rooms. Just use the “search a room” box to find matching rooms

Room Preferences (User Level)

Once a room provider is added, individual users within an organization can set their room preferences from the Room Settings available here: From this page, a user can specify Location/Buildings and Favourite Rooms.

Please note that this feature is in beta mode and only available for Corporate Plan users.

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