How do custom email invites work?

When a meeting is created, sends out an invite email to meeting invitees. Having visibility and control over what external invitees see during the meeting invite process is an important consideration for many of our clients.

Corporate plan users can customize their email templates for greater control. (If you aren't a Corporate plan you can still customize the footer - learn more here)

Instructions - Step-by-step:

  • The “Customize Invite Email” option is accessible from the Admin Settings page
  • Select the “Enable custom invite email” option to activate this feature (disabled by default)
  • Enter the custom copy that you want to appear in each invite email.
    • The RTE includes core styling options (such as bold, italic).
  • To Save: You must click “Save Settings” button at bottom of the page. 

The email customization box supports the use of parameters to automatically insert conditional information. Note: If you are adding styling (such as bold / italics) to a parameter please select the entire parameter e.g. {{}} instead of {{}}

  • {{}} Use this parameter to automatically insert the name of the automated assistant.
  • {{}} Use this parameter to automatically insert the full name of the meeting creator.
  • {{}}Use this parameter to automatically insert the email of the meeting creator.
  • {{}} Use this parameter to automatically insert the first name of the meeting invitee.

Example of a customized invite email:

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