How does work with Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow ( allows a customer to expand’s skills externally without “coding”.  MS Flow connects into 50+ additional vendor’s application to query of trigger a change.

Connecting Microsoft Flow to involves configuration of both a Microsoft Flow “flow” and a “integration”.


  1. Create a new integration on Click “Add+” to begin adding a new integration. - As an individual user: As a corporate admin (for all users):
  2. Name your new integration. This name will be used by users to trigger this flow.  Eg. “run french translation for hello”
  3. Select the “Microsoft Flow” type

  4. Add Parameters.  Parameters can be questions that ask the user, or can be Fixed values.  Either way, each parameter’s variable will hold a value that will be sent to MS Flow.

  5. We now need to leave and go to MS Flow and create a new flow to get the rest of the required information for our integration.  Open up a new browser while not closing the tab. Navigate to  Create a new flow.

  6. The trigger that starts this flow MUST be an inbound HTTP request.  Search for “Request”. That trigger will not initially have an HTTP POST URL value nor a Request Body JSON Schema value. The POST URL will be generated once you save this flow, so for now, we will wait to get this value.

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