What is Document Generation and how does it work?

Zoom.ai allows users to efficiently create and update document templates in seconds, within chat and while on the go.

You can use Doc Gen as an individual user or as an enterprise user. The private version can be found in Settings. Documents you create in individual version will only be available to you.

We support several document formats (DOCX, XLSX, PPTX), Google Docs, Slides and Sheets.

Document Generator can be used for different documents: Internal documents, Hiring and offer letters, Insurance policies, Mortgage documents, Administrative papers, Bills, Boardroom reports, Certificates, Invoices, Legal documents, Offer letters, Human resources correspondence, Account statements.

Ask your assistant:
generate nda document for john smith
what documents can i generate

Step-by-step on document generation:

  1. Go to https://app.zoom.ai/settings/docgen/list;
  2. Click on "+"
  3. Create a name for your document;
  4. Select a location for your document template (OneDrive, for example);
  5. Create a question;
  6. Fill in the variable - it MUST be surrounded by { and } inside your document (eg. {variable});
  7. Select a default value - the question will be automatically answered if the user skips the question (@contact.name = The specified person's name, for example);
  8. Hit "save" next to question you just created;
  9. If you want to add more questions, click on "+" right next to the first question.
  10. Hit "save" on the right upper corner;
  11. While in chat, say "generate [name of the document you just created] for [user]";
  12. Answer the questions your assistant will ask;

  13. Once it's done, you can either download the document or send it to the user mentioned above.

The opportunities are endless. Connect with us to learn how to use the document generation feature, and more, to your advantage!

Here's a demo about it:

Only available on the Corporate Plan.

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