How to modify a meeting?

There are a lot of options regarding meeting intent change:

Change the location of the meeting
Try saying "change meeting location with Anita to office".
Change the date of the meeting
You can say: "move meeting with Jesse to Wednesday".
Change the duration of the meeting
Just type in: "change meeting duration with Juliano to 45 minutes".

Change the time window

After a request, try saying "between 2pm and 5pm"  (instead of the regular 9am to 5pm) or "between Nov 7th and Nov 14th" for a specific date range.

Add invitees from the initial request

Use "with" to add invitees

Add or remove invitees after the initial request

Use "add" to add invitees and "remove" to remove them. "Add Octavia"

Clear your schedule for the day

Try "cancel all my meetings today".