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Integrate with  Slack to access your assistant using natural language. Chat with your very own AI-powered meeting assistant. Schedule meetings, simplify meeting prep and get more done - without leaving Slack. For example you can quickly schedule meetings right from Slack by asking "Book a meeting with Tom next week". 

Quick overview for adding to Slack

Learn more about scheduling meetings in chat

With for Slack you can:

✓ Automate meeting scheduling without the back-and-forth (1:1 & group meetings)

✓ Instantly schedule internal team meetings

✓ Automatically book meeting rooms

✓ Learn more about your meeting attendees with people insights

✓ Always be prepared with automated meeting briefings

✓ Quickly access information & sync meeting details with your ATS or CRM

✓ Easily find information & generate documents

Connect 60+ integrations like Hubspot, Greenhouse and more 

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How to Set up on Slack

  1. Click the “Add to Slack” button on this page
  2. Select a team
  3. Since is also supported in channels, select a channel (you don’t have to chat to your assistant here, but can choose too)
  4. Go to the Slack apps section and search for “Meeting Assistant”
  5. Add Meeting Assistant
  6. From Recent Apps send a DM (private message) to your ‘Meeting Assistant’
  7. Follow the instructions and start scheduling!

Tip! If you don't find your “Meeting Assistant” located in the Slack ‘Recent Apps’ - click on ‘Apps’ and do a quick search for "Meeting Assistant".

How can I communicate with my assistant on Slack?

Once you have installed to Slack simply click on "Meeting Assistant" (under 'Recent Apps' in Slack) and directly message your assistant. Your assistant should respond to any direct message - you and your assistant will be having a private conversation.  Learn more about scheduling meetings in chat.

If you don't find located in the Recent Apps section

Click on "Apps" and do a quick search for "Meeting Assistant". Click on the Meeting Assistant listing - and it will be added to your Slack Recent Apps. 

Chatting with your Assistant in a channel

In a shared channel, trying typing "/invite @MeetingAssistant" in the channel and this will add so that you can communicate with your assistant there as well. 

It's important to note that if you want to chat with your Assistant in a channel you will need to include "@MeetingAssistant" before every request or reply so your assistant knows you are talking to them. This isn't necessary if you chat with your assistant directly (by selecting "Meeting Assistant" under your recent apps) so we recommend using the direct method. 

Note: While you can chat with your assistant in a channel (and of course directly under Apps), it cannot be added to a DM (Direct Message)

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